Phase 1: 24th June - 26th June
Phase 2: 29th June - 1st July

The Kenyatta International Convention Centre

MIE Events establish joint collaborative agreement with Kenya Investment Authority

The meeting was aimed at engaging with the authority in order to a obtain a commitment from them to assist, support and provide services to exhibitors at China Trade Week  in order to easily gain an understanding of the procedures for the setting up of a business as well as providing guidelines and support services in the event ofour exhibitors wanting invest in Kenya.

As David Mudambi explained, “The mission of the Kenyan Investment Authority is to promote and facilitate domestic and foreign investment into Kenya by advocating  a conducive investment climate, providing accurate information and offering quality services. We offer a number of pre-investment services which include: Assistance in obtaining any necessary licenses and permits, obtaining incentives or exemptions under the Income Tax Act, the Customs and Excise Act, the Value Added Tax Act or any other legislation. We also provide comprehensive information to investors on the business climate, operating rules, investment opportunities and sources of capital. In addition we also liaise on the clients behalf with other government agencies for the issuance of additional licenses and approvals not directly handled by the Authority. Our Post-Investment Services include: Issuance of Investment Certificates; that help facilitate an immediate start of a business. Provision of all after care services; including continuous liaison with other stakeholders in their day-to-day operations. Ultimately we aim to improve Kenya’s investment environment and to make it easier for international companies to do business here.”

Commenting on the meetings was David Wang, Managing Director of MIE Events "It is extremely important that our exhibitors from China know and fully understand that there is a well-defined support structure available to them should they wish to take the next step in their business activities in Kenya and East Africa. Most business professionals will already know that navigating the various business set up and investment processes can be a daunting task. I am pleased that we will be working with and be upported by the Kenyan Investment Authority for China Trade Week. China is already Kenya's second largest trading partner and has already invested over $5 Billion in a wide variety of infrastructure projects. We have ambitions to do our part in developing this further."

China Trade Week will showcase over 250 Chinese companies across multiple industry sectors from 1st-3rd 2015. China Trade Week will be convened at the Kenyatta International convention Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.