Phase 1: 24th June - 26th June
Phase 2: 29th June - 1st July

The Kenyatta International Convention Centre

Daily Nation Newspaper-Kenya-June 4, 2015 issue

Publication: Daily Nation, pg. 39

Date: June 4th,2015

Topic: Kenya to hostChinese exhibitors

Kenya will next month host over 150 Chinese exhibitors during the China trade week, Dubai based events organiser - MIE Events has said.

The three day event starting July 1, will bring together Chinese companies dealing in building and construction, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, plastic molding equipment and materials, home electrical goods, green energy solutions, portable housing solutions and elevators systems.

"Kenya is the most developed economy in Eastern Africa and also the economic, commercial, and logistical hub of the entire region. It is the reason why we are holding the China Trade Week in Nairobi." Managing Director David Wang said.

He said the event will prvide an opportunity for Kenyan entrepreneurs to grow strong business partnerships and to benefit from the wealth of knowledge from Chinese companies.

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