2021 QUALITY ZHEJIANG VIRTUAL EXPO (HARDWARE MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA)official kicks off on 24th May,2021. More than 54 Zhejiang hardware enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and at the same time attracted 60 high-quality purchasers from Central and East Africa negotiate with Chinese suppliers.

The COVID-19 epidemic has exerted a great influence on the economic and trade activities of enterprises in our province, including overseas exhibitions. In the case of foreign trade “getting cold”, Zhejiang gives full play to the advantages of digital economy, rapidly innovates the mode of organizing the conference, strengthens the economic and trade exchanges with other countries through online exhibition, and establishes a new “link” with the world through digital economy.


In 2020, Zhejiang province took the lead in holding a series of online exhibitions. In 2021, Zhejiang will continue to hold online exhibitions to open up the market for foreign trade enterprises in Zhejiang and seek cooperation opportunities. The 2021 QUALITY ZHEJIANG VIRTUAL EXPO (HARDWARE MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA )is sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and undertaken by Zhejiang International Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd. It flexibly uses the GTW platform to display, introduces application scenarios such as video conference, 3D, big data, AI and live broadcasting, organizes one-to-one “cloud docking” between enterprises and overseas professional buyers, and channels offline resources to online, thus realizing the leap of foreign trade communication from “face-to-face” to “screen to screen”.

This online exhibition is expected to achieve about 270 matches and exchanges between more than 100 Chinese and foreign enterprises. It is hoped that this online exhibition can truly create a online platform to help foreign trade enterprises explore the Central and East African market, reduce foreign trade obstacles caused by the epidemic, and provide a favourable environment for enterprises in the hardware industry in Zhejiang to do business in the Central and East Africa region.

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