Cangzhou hardware building materials enterprises online business opportunities

On the afternoon of October 20, China Cangzhou Hardware and Building materials Export Digital Fair opened, 126 Cangzhou enterprises online exhibition. The online exhibition was held on the platform of GTW. More than 100 Cangzhou enterprises entered the digital exhibition platform of GTW, and participated in online foreign trade docking, negotiation and “live selling” in an accurate matching way. Hundreds of buyers from the Middle East and Africa view the company’s products online, asking about prices, performance and procurement methods.

Today, the changing format of online exhibitions is a microcosm of the changing tide of technology, which has been accelerated by the sudden COVID-19 pandemic. Online exhibitions have gradually matured, and with the joint efforts of professional exhibition institutions and the government, they will bring more foreign trade cooperation opportunities to foreign trade enterprises.

In addition, the traditional exhibition industry will be greatly promoted through the innovation and extension of online technology. It is reported that the digital exhibition has been centralized display and procurement from October 20 to 24, and all online exhibitors will participate in the exhibition for one year on the “Exhibition and Trade” platform, which provides precision push, big data deletion, online docking and other modes.

The platform, developed by Middle East International Exhibition Group based on 20 years of offline exhibitions, has held more than 200 online exhibitions since 2020. It is a platform for enterprises and governments to be certified and will lead more enterprises to go global in the future.

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