Jiangsu Brand Silk Road Virtual Expo 2021(Suqian)Opening

Online trade is the most rapidly developing new form of trade in the Internet era, which has brought more and more new development opportunities for many enterprises. Especially in the global epidemic environment, accelerated the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce has gradually become the main force of “stable foreign trade”

The 3rd Cross-border E-commerce Forum of Brand E-commerce Conference was successfully held on May 20, 2021, in Suqian Jiangsu Province. The conference makes important measures to promote the high quality and high speed development of foreign trade enterprises.” Jiangsu Brand Silk Road Virtual Expo (Suqian)” was also launched at the same time, which was jointly hosted by Jiangsu Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Suqian Council for the Promotion of International Trade and MIE Group, and organized by Shanghai Global Exhibition Co., Ltd.

The main leaders attending the forum included Shi Zhijun, Executive Vice Mayor of Suqian City, Huang Zheng, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Jiangsu Province, Wu Wenwen, Minister of Trade Promotion Department, Zhu Long-long-distance, Director of Commerce Bureau of Suqian City, Chairman of CCPIT Constitution of Suqian City, Liu Haihong, Secretary of Suyu District Committee, and Yin Qiguo, District Chief. District government Ren Jie deputy district governor and other relevant leaders and entrepreneurs on behalf of more than 270 people attended the launch ceremony.

Senior Vice Mayor of Suqian City-Shi Zhijun,  Vice President of CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council-Huang Zheng,  Minister of Trade Promotion Departmen of CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council, Wu Wenwen

Jiangsu Brand Silk Road Virtual Expo is the encouragement policy provided by the provincial CCPIT to help enterprises stabilize the foreign trade market. Since 2020, nearly one thousand foreign trade enterprises in Jiangsu have obtained new foreign trade orders.This Silk Road Tour (Suqian Special Exhibition) will continue to explore overseas markets by combining online exhibition with cross-border e-commerce.The online exhibition will be divided into two phases,  exhibition phase will last for 3 months. According to incomplete statistics, more than 100 buyers from the Middle East and Africa participated in this centralized docking, and more than 120 enterprises in Suqian signed up to participate in related activities of this online exhibition. Including JIANGSU JIANLU WORSTED CO., LTD., Sihong Julun Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Lvbo Artificial GrassCo.,Ltd., Jingsu Golden freedom Tree Decoration Material Co.,Ltd., JIANGSU TENGYU MACHINERY MANUFACTURE CO., LTD., CFGC. Jiangsu Jucheng Wood Industry CO.,Ltd., SHUYANG NEW CONCEPT INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD., JIANGSU RUNDA RUBBER & PLASTIC MATERIALS CO.,LTD., SIDIKE NEW MATERIALS (JIANGSU) CO.,LTD., Jiangsu Runchang Rubber Technology Co., Ltd., Jumelage Jiangsu New Materials Co., LTD., and other major building materials, plastic products and textile clothing enterprises.

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