Minerals & Mining

The Ministry of Mining of the Republic of Kenya oversees the Mineral sector in the country. Kenya has four belts of minerals – the gold green stone belt in western Kenya, which extends to Tanzania; the Mozambique belt passing through central Kenya, the source of Kenya’s unique gemstones; the Rift belt, which has a variety of resources including soda ash, fluorspar and diatomite; and, the coastal belt, which has titanium.

Investment opportunities exist in mining stone for the construction and building industry. The Government of Kenya recognizes the role played by mining in the country’s socio-economic development. According to the economic survey, the mining sector contributes 0.8% to the country’s GDP. The State Department’s target is to grow the sector exponentially to a headline contribution of more than 10% by year 2030.

  • A total of Sh30.4 Bn is collected as revenue in 2018 for the mining sector, which represents a year on year growth of 5.9 per cent over the previous year.
  • A number of global mining companies have run operations in Kenya over the years or have shown interest of venturing into the country as the Government of Kenya continues to create a conducive and sustainable environment for the growth of the mining sector